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Years ago you might have considered the archetypal bailiff to have broad shoulders, a sloping brow, and a limited vocabulary, but here at bailiffjob.co.uk we’re dispelling those myths. As the industry becomes more and more regulated (Bailiff General Certificates can only be awarded by a Magistrate), the key attributes that make a successful bailiff have evolved from simply their physical make-up to interpersonal skills such as excellent communication abilities, conflict management and negotiating skills. With a relatively short training period and good bailiffs earning in excess of £40k p/a, ‘collections’ is becoming an ever increasingly attractive career path. Here at bailiffjob.co.uk we only deal with reputable bailiff companies with recognised training courses, so whether you’re an experienced bailiff seeking a quality company to continue your career with, or seeking a challenging and rewarding job change, you can be sure we’ll find you a suitable future employer. Just upload your CV with your contact details on it and we’ll do the rest, and it won’t cost you a penny.

Looking for an exciting career change?

It will come as little surprise that few children grow up thinking, ‘I want to be a bailiff when I get older’, so how do people end up in the profession? The answer is that many bailiffs just wanted an exciting career change. Bailiffs will always be thought of in a negative light because they make people pay things they didn’t want to pay, but if you can get past this the job can be extremely rewarding. You have the opportunity to work largely unsupervised, away from the office, meeting new people, in a job that can be described as anything but dull! Financially, the rewards can be extremely competitive and many bailiffs work on a self-employed basis giving them the flexibility to break free from 9 to 5 salaried constraints. If you would like to talk to someone about the rewards you could be experiencing by joining the industry, contact us at: enquiries@bailiffjob.co.uk

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Already Certified?

Are you already certified and looking for work then please email your CV directly to enquiries@bailiffjob.co.uk The preferable format is Microsoft Word

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